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Herba-Pads Underarm Deodorant

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Combat natural body odor without the worry of harmful chemical contaminants found in traditional deodorants. Herba-Pads Underarm Deodorant relies on a proprietary blend of organic herbs and essential oils – free of aluminum, parabens, glycols and artificial fragrances – to create a effective, herbal scented deodorant. Just wipe one organic cotton pad under armpits after a shower or throughout the day for an oh-so-fresh scent.


    • Aluminum-free
    • Artificial fragrance-free
    • Does not contain parabens or gylcols
    • Scented with certified organic essential oils
  • Wipe single cotton pad on underarms as needed

  • COMMON NAME: 100% Cotton Pads, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Aloe, and a proprietary blend of Essential Oils blended especially for odor control

  • 50 pad jar

  • Do I use one pad per arm?

    You can definitely use one pad for both arms. 

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Herba-Pads Underarm Deodorant

Herba-Pads Underarm Deodorant