Kids' Holiday Gift Making Party

Now through the end of December, you're invited to bring your kids and throw a Soap Making Party at Sally B's Skin Yummies. During the 90-minute party, your kids will customize and make their own non-toxic bars of soap and special Tub Tea mixes. We will guide them through the process and help them make packaging for each item so that they leave with several holiday gifts to give.



What To Expect

Sally B will lead up to 6 kids in the soap making process. Each child will be able to pick their own phthalate-free scent for the soap and a special character to put in each bar. While their bars cool, kids will mix herbs and botanicals to create non-toxic Tub Teas that are used to steep in a tub for a relaxing and therapeutic bath. There will also be time to decorate soap boxes for personalized packaging.  Snacks will be provided.


Book Your Party!

Parties run 90-minutes and produce a total of 36 bars of soap and 18 Tub Teas. Snacks are provided as well as time to decorate the product packaging. Each party can accommodate up to 6 children ages 4+ and cost $225. Sally B will host each party and only one parent is required to stay on site. It is, however, recommended that parents stay to help younger children. To book your party email us at or call 877.344.4537