Sally B's Skin Yummies Earns The EWG VERIFIED™ Mark 1 Comment

Recently we discussed why, as a company, we were currently not pursuing USDA Organic Certification for our products. What we couldn’t tell you, was that around the same time we wrote that blog, an important verification program was being developed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG): EWG VERIFIED: FOR YOUR HEALTH™. When the program was announced last Fall, we jumped at the chance to submit our products (and heaps and heaps of other information). We have been huge fans of the EWG and their work to protect human health and the environment through research, unbiased testing, advocacy, and education. They strive to increase transparency in the marketplace and highlight the many weak standards that govern consumer products. For example, the U.S. government does not require safety testing on personal care items before they hit the store shelves. Companies can use almost any ingredient – including potentially harmful ones – in their products.

This mission, which we believe in so much, is the foundation of EWG VERIFIED™ program, so for us, this mark is a powerful one to place on our products.

Seeing the EWG VERIFIED™ mark means that a product avoids the EWG’s ingredients of concern, and the company is committed to full transparency and operates under good manufacturing practices. The product also:

  • Meets EWG’S strictest criteria for transparency and health,
  • Avoids ingredients that authoritative health bodies have flagged for potential health concerns,
  • Has labeling that fully discloses its ingredients,
  • Uses adequate preservatives,
  • Is free of contaminants, and
  • Uses a manufacturer that follows good manufacturing practices.

The EWG VERIFIED™ mark will help shoppers quickly and easily identify personal care products, including cosmetics, which meet EWG’s strictest standards while shopping in stores and online. Items bearing the mark must score in the “green” range in EWG’s Skin Deep® cosmetics database and meet additional criteria set by EWG scientists.

We are excited to announce that some of our products have passed the rigorous verification process and have earned the right to bear the EWG VERIFIED™ mark. You will soon see the seal on our product label, but can already find it on the product listing on our website. Just look for the mark!

We're honored to be one of 12 companies to help kick start this important verification. We will continue to uphold the standards of the EWG VERIFIED™ program and work towards verification for the rest of the Sally B’s product line. In the meantime, you can learn more about EWG VERIFIED™ by visiting:




5 Questions with Skin IQ 0 Comments

We are big believers in consistency when it comes to skin health. And part of that consistency is regular visits to a dermatologist or esthetician. We recently met Lidia Nistor-Reteneller, an esthtician and founder of Atlanta-based Skin IQ, whose approach to skin care is very much inline with our practices and beliefs. Skin IQ marries a full menu of skin-enriching services with healthy, mindful product selection to create a personalized treatment plan to enrich each client's natural beauty.

When Skin IQ asked to carry Sally B's Skin Yummies in their retail store, we jumped at the chance to become part of this amazing med spa. We caught up with Lidia to learn more about her passion for health, wellness, and beautiful skin.

What inspired you to start your own health and wellness journey of helping others?
Medical background, and obsession since I was 7 years old. Of course it has been an evolutionary process from playing in a "research lab" as a little girl, to nowadays purpose of helping people understand the benefits and methods of balance their mind-body-spirit with the purpose of achieving inner beauty and happiness.

How do you incorporate health and wellness into your daily life?
Either home or studio-based daily yoga, daily meditation for stress management and connection to a higher source, and of course organic food and organic daily supplements, like alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, omega 3, in addition to daily vitamins. We are the first retailer in the country to sell a vitamin brewing machine.

What is one change everyone can make to improve their health and wellness?
By far, the most effective, affordable, and well-rounded multiple benefits: meditation. This summer I will coach private meditation for anti-aging and anti-stress.

What is your favorite Sally B's product?
All of them are amazing. Hard to choose one. Really.

What is your go-to beauty tip?
Regular salon or self skin care. Consistency is by far the best way to say beautiful from the outside.

To learn more about SkinIQ, visit:

Common Sense Skin Care 0 Comments

With all the skin care products on the market today, finding the perfect skin care routine can sometimes be an overwhelming task. One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is, “where do I start?” We suggest with taking it back to basics. Simply using common sense can be your ticket to clean, healthy skin.

No matter where you are on your skin care or health journey, here are several things to consider when you’re evaluating your daily skin care routine:

Would you eat the ingredients in your skin care? Harmful ingredients can enter your bloodstream through your skin just as they can by eating them. Would you eat lead, mineral oil, fragrance, or ingredients grown with pesticides? If you wouldn’t put them in your mouth, don’t put them on your body.

Wash your face twice a day. You brush your teeth twice a day, so why wouldn’t you wash your face, too? Between the sun, environment, sweat, and makeup, your face puts up with a lot each day. Washing it both morning and night with a gentle cleanser will take the stress off of skin, while ensuring that skin is free of blemish-causing dirt and bacteria.

Don’t use products you don’t need. Beauty ads and marketing claims may  have you thinking you need this product or that product, but you know what’s best for your skin. Don’t overload your skin with unnecessary products and focus on the products that can truly nourish and benefit your skin.

Don’t use old products. A last season eye shadow or lipstick might look like it’s okay to use, but if it’s been your makeup bag longer than a year it’s time to toss it. While most skin care products will have a preservative, they still have a shelf life. After time they can harbor bacteria that can easily transferred to your skin.

Know what is in your products. You know what you’re eating off your dinner plate, but do you know what is inside the product you trust to put all over your body? Does it have parabens, sulfates, or fragrance? Knowing what impact these products have on your health is important to not only you, but your family and those around you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin health, but we can all benefit from using common sense when shopping for skin care products. The same basic principles apply to us all: being mindful about using non-toxic products is a good foundation for clear, healthy skin.

Moisturizers vs Serums: What's The Best For Dry Skin? 1 Comment

On the market today, there is no shortage of skin care products. There are face washes, eye creams, toners, night creams, and masks for every skin type. The options are plentiful and sometimes overwhelming, especially when our dry skin is craving attention. Moisture is at the forefront of our dry skin woes, but what is the best source of moisture? What is the difference between a serum and a moisturizer?

For starters, both serums and moisturizers offer beneficial moisture to the skin. However, they do so in their own unique way. Serums work from deep within the layers of skin, while moisturizers lock in moisture from the outer most layer.

Moisturizers are traditionally creams made with beneficial oils and emollients, which help soften and hydrate skin, by reducing evaporation. Simply speaking, moisturizers are formulated to create a barrier over the top layer of your skin to lock in moisture against the skin. Over time this “locked” moisture absorbs into the skin.

Serums, on the other hand, are water-based and contain fewer oils, if any at all. This formulation makes it a product that has a super high concentration of active ingredients. They can contain antioxidants, peptides, retinoids, and even alpha hydroxy acids to target specific skin ailments, like aging or dark spots. Serums are lightweight and fast absorbing, and after applying on top of clean skin, they work themselves deep beneath the skin’s top layer to provide moisture and essential nutrients. The high-quality ingredients found inside a serum might make it more expensive than your other products, but a little goes a long way. Only a few drops are enough to feed your skin.

So which one is right for you? If you have a specific skin need, or want to slow the signs of aging, there are few better products than a fast-absorbing serum. However, if you have extremely dry skin, nothing replaces the benefits of a cream moisturizer. In some instances, especially in the winter, using the two in tandem can be beneficial.

When using both a serum and a moisturizer, you want to apply the serum first. After cleansing and/or toning, apply a pea size amount of serum directly onto skin. Then, once it absorbs, apply your moisturizer. Because a serum is formulated to penetrate skin and a moisturizer is not, you do not want to apply a serum on top of a moisturizer. The moisturizer could block a serum's nutrients from reaching the skin. Of course you will have to listen to your skin needs, but we recommend applying a serum and moisturizer both morning and night.

We love using a moisture combo of Daytime Antioxidant Serum and B Quenched Facial Oil in the morning and Peptide Booster Serum and Carrot Facial Dream Cream at night.

Seasonal dry skin can be tricky. While products are essential to keeping the dry skin at bay, don't forget about the other things you can do for it, too: drink lots of water; mind your nutrition; get your blood pumping; get plenty of rest; stay out of the direct blast of artificial heat; and don't spend too much time in a hot shower. With a mindful approach to skin care and life balance, your skin will remain healthy, happy, and looking its best, despite dry air.

Skin Care Resolutions for 2019 0 Comments


As we look back at 2018 and make resolutions for the New Year, we invite you to add a few healthy skin care practices to the list. While we might regularly use organic products, there are many factors that contribute to skin health. Regularly reminding ourselves of this, especially at the start of a new year, is important.

Here are our top 5 skin care resolutions for 2019:

When it’s time to buy a new skin care product, research products available and opt for the non-toxic option. This is especially helpful for those who are new to their non-toxic journey.

Create daily balance. Whether you choose yoga or meditation, curling up with a good book or taking relaxing bath, resolve to make time for you. Keeping your stress levels in tact, as well as getting your blood flowing, is important to healthy skin.

Pay attention to your diet. Load up on from-the-earth foods (organic when possible) and limit sugar. While it may seem like an innocent indulgent, sugar can having lasting and visible effects on your skin. Read more about The Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar.

Become an informed consumer. The skincare industry is loaded with “beauty secrets” – vague marketing claims, green washing, and hidden chemical ingredients – and it is up to you to see past them. Become familiar with the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, ask questions, and read ingredient labels! Until there are government regulations imposed to clean up the skin care industry, it is up to you to be your own expert!

Be sensitive to those around you. What you put on yourself affects those around you. Ever been in an elevator with someone who reeks of perfume? The hidden chemical toxins in that perfume could trigger an asthma attack, lead to a skin rash, or cause an allergic reaction to anyone in that elevator. Consider babies that you snuggle. Whatever you put on your skin can easily transfer to theirs. Just another reason to use non-toxic products!

Stay hydrated. Using moisturizing products on your skin is important, but hydrating your skin from the inside out is also vital. Jump start your day with a nutrient-rich, hydrating green smoothie, fill your diet with hydrating foods like fruits and veggies (learn more about Hydrating Foods for Skin Health), and continually drink water throughout the day.

No matter the stage of your health journey, incorporating these tips can produce positive results for your skin and overall health. What are some tips or resolutions on your list for the new year?


Your Organic Skin Care Routine Just Got Easier 0 Comments

We know shopping for skin care products can be an overwhelming task. There seems to be a product for every skin type, ailment, and body part. But too many choices is not always a good thing. What products are essential? What products should you only use occasionally?

To help you discover the right skin care products for you, we have created product categories to help guide you: Essentials, Boosters, and Add-On products. (Just click "Shop" in the navigation above and you'll see these categories in the drop down options).

ESSENTIALS: For optimal skin health, we recommend using these products everyday. They cleanse, moisturize, and keep skin cells healthy. Used alone or all together, these products will help skin be more relaxed, balanced, and healthy so that skin will perform and look its best.

BOOSTERS: In addition to our daily essential products, sometimes our skin needs some extra TLC Whether you spent too much time in the sun or dry air, skin can often benefit greatly from products that offer specific enrichment. Our Boosters are formulated fight free-radicals, exfoliate, moisturize, or soothe. You may choose to use them year-round, during a specific season, or anecdotally.

ADD-ONS: These products are not necessary to use everyday (though you might want to). Instead they are specialty products that give skin an extra advantage when it needs it most. Whether a detoxifying mud mask, bug repellent, or an extra layer of moisture, these products will give additional enrichment to skin above and beyond your daily-use products.

MAKEUP: After creating a healthy foundation, enhance the beauty of your skin with our organic, mineral makeup. We have grouped our makeup into one easy-to-shop collection so that you can pick and choose the products right for you.

We have created Essential, Booster, and Add-On categories for both our facial care and body care products. Typically our efforts are focused on perfecting our facial care routine, but body care should not be over looked. The skin on our legs, arms, hands and feet can form wrinkles, acne, and can even be prone to sensitive skin issues like psoriasis or eczema, so it’s important to create an organic skin care routine for your entire body, too.

But remember, your skin is uniquely different from the next person. Our categories are simply a guide to put you on the right path of your skin care health journey.

Skin Care Benefits of Pumpkin 0 Comments

When we think of pumpkin, we typically think pie or spiced lattes. While these certainly are some of the season’s finest treats, there is more to pumpkin than satisfied taste buds. The seasonal squash has been a mainstay in many Fall foods, but it can also be a very beneficial skin care product, too. Rich in antioxidants and cell-rejuvenating properties, pumpkin can play a crucial role in keeping skin looking fresher and younger.


The seeds, which we so casually toss out when carving a pumpkin, are packed full of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and zinc to help even out skin tone, reverse cell damage, balance moisture, and maintain collagen levels, respectively. While women love the anti-aging properties of pumpkin seeds, men can benefit from their work in protecting prostate health.


If you’re after Vitamin A, look no further than the pumpkin. It contains almost triple the recommended daily allowance for healthy eyes, immune system, and bone density. Pumpkin is one of the best-known sources of beta-carotene, which when consumed, converts to Vitamin A.

When applied topically, the enzymes found in pumpkin produce similar results as alpha-hydroxys. It can slough off dead skin cells, moisturize, and nourish skin. What better way to experience this than with a custom B Green Mud Mask?

To make your own pumpkin mud mask combine 2 tablespoons of our B Green Mud Mask dry blend of herbs and french green clay with 1 teaspoon Greek yogurt and 1 tablespoon pumpkin puree. Apply to your face and let sit for for 10-15 minutes before washing off.

So during your post-Halloween pumpkin cleanup or holiday pie baking endeavors, save some pumpkin. While a bright orange face make might look scary, ithe natural goodness of the squash will be a treat for your skin. No tricks about it.

MY ROUTINE: Discover Megan's Fall Skin Care Routine 0 Comments

We all have a skincare regime that we follow day-in and day-out. However, we find that it's helpful to hear about the experiences of customers, and even our staff, and what they find helpful. Today, Megan, who is a big voice at Sally B's, clues you in on how she changed her routine to welcome in Fall.  Megan is in her early 30's and has 2 young children. Her life is very full and she is a great juggler of business and personal duties (though it should be noted that she can't actually juggle).  Here is her routine.

Growing up on the West Coast of Florida I never had to worry about moisture. There was always more than enough moisture in the air and my skin was rarely dry (also I was young!). When I moved to Atlanta, where there are seasons, I had to quickly become conscious about keeping my skin hydrated.  

Fall is a magical time in Atlanta – leaves are changing and temperatures are as close to perfect as they can be. But amidst the beautiful weather, my seemingly normal skin has become itchy, dry, and even a little cracked.

When Fall showed its first signs, I got lucky that it coincided with Sally putting the finishing touches on B Quenched (check out my official sample from the first batch in the pic below). I, along with the rest of the Sally B’s team, began testing it out and was amazed at how quickly my skin changed. It became softer almost over night.

B Quenched is officially in my Fall and Winter routine, but it’s not the only product I rely on. Here’s my daily routine:


I start the day by washing my face with Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser followed with a few drops of Peptide Booster Serum. It doesn’t take long to absorb, and when it does, I put Luxury Mineral Foundation, Get Even Finishing Powder, or both. It just depends on what my day has in store. Recently, my 1.5-year-old daughter is by my side using her very own Sally B’s brush on her face, though she hasn’t figured out that her makeup container is empty.*

At some point during the morning I sip a cup of coffee to help jump start my day and condition my lips. Instead of milk, I add coconut oil to my coffee. It cuts the bitterness of coffee and makes my lips softer than ever.


These months especially, I can’t go anywhere without a Lip Yummie. A Mints In Harmony Lip Yummie to be exact. I keep one in my purse, makeup drawer, and even my car. I also keep my Natural Buff Cuticle Bar in my car. An odd place, sure, but stopped at red lights is a great place to moisturize your cuticles.

Healing Hand Butter is another mainstay of my day. I have a jar of it on my desk and I apply it several times a day.


Like the morning, I start by washing my face with Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser. About 2-3 times a week I follow up Fruit Acid Toner for an extra deep clean and to exfoliate any dead skin. Then, every night, I apply a mixture of Carrot Facial Dream Cream and Antioxidant Skin Boost; one adds moisture and the other works to neutralize free radicals that may have formed throughout the day.

Right before bed I add B Quenched to my face, B Soothed to my lips, and Healing Hand Butter (and socks) to my feet. I let these three work their moisture magic while I sleep.

While this is my routine now, it is ever changing. As the days become colder and dryer I’ll add additional products, like an additional moisturizer in the morning and regular B Green Mud Masks.

You Won't See the USDA Organic Certification Quite Yet... 1 Comment

The foundation of Sally B’s Skin Yummies is built on the integrity of our ingredients. On our product labels you will see the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients listed, and when possible you will notice we use the certified organic option. But what you won’t see is an USDA Organic product seal. This seal, and its inclusion on our labels, has been a highly debated topic around the Sally B's kitchen. On one hand, it is a very recognizable icon. Shoppers know that a food is ethical and safe when they see the USDA Organic seal printed on its label. On the other, the seal was designed for food products and not for personal care products.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), organic is a labeling term that indicates that a food or an agricultural ingredient was produced through their approved methods. In simple terms this means that they were grown without the aid of fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemicals, all with respect for the land and environment. However, the USDA Organic seal does not certify that a skin-care product is safe or contaminant-free; it only assures that a product has a specific number of organic ingredients that meet their standards, and that product manufacturing regulations are met. The manufacturing regulations they have set forth were designated for food production, not skin care or cosmetic products. As you can imagine, creating a serum or lotion requires a different chemistry than that of a cracker or cookie.

Unlike food products, skin care products tend to use water in their formulations. Because of this, it is necessary for preservatives to be used to keep them free of mold and bacteria. Even though there are non-toxic and safe preservatives (we use them!), the USDA does not recognize them as organic. If we were to pursue the USDA Organic certification we would either have to forgo the seal or forgo the preservative. Since we’re in the business of creating the safest, most effective product for our customer, removing an important preservative is not an option.

We had hoped that the USDA Organic seal would be the stamp of approval that validated our research, expense, and passion for creating safe, beneficial products. We have gone to great lengths to source USDA Organic certified ingredients whenever possible. While preservatives, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid (our supply is Vegan and Wheat Free) do not have an organic option, a majority of the ingredients in our kitchen proudly display the USDA Organic seal. However, despite our best efforts of creating products with the highest percentage of organic ingredients possible, we are still debating whether having the USDA seal will accomplish what we have set out to do in our mission of creating healthy, Non-toxic products that WORK.

So, without a seal, how do you know that you’re buying a safe product?

  • Bypass the front of a label and read the ingredient listing. Look for the word “organic” and avoid products that contain "Parabens", “propylene glycol,” “mineral oil,” or “fragrance,” to name a few.
  • Be wary of marketing claims, especially “natural.” There is no regulation on marketing terms so a product can use the word “natural” if there is just one plant-based ingredient in a sea of chemicals.
  • Look for other certifications, like cruelty-free. If a company adheres to other ethical certifications, there’s a good chance they choose all their ingredients with integrity.
  • Reference the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. The EWG is a third-party organization that ranks the toxicity of skin care products on a 0-10 scale (0 being non-toxic). If your product ranks between 0-2 you’ve got yourself a good one.

It’s also important to understand that the USDA Organic certification process is timely, meticulous, and expensive. For the past 10 years it has been the small, boutique brands pioneering the organic industry and while the seal may have seemed important, it was not attainable for some.

The more we learn about getting the USDA organic certification, the less compelled we are to go after it. It certainly is helpful in the grocery store, but it simply does not tell the full story of why Sally B’s is a safe, non-toxic, and effective skin care line.

There are a few other options for organic certification in the United States and we are in the process of determining what makes the most sense for Sally B's. We don't want to go through a lengthy process just to prove that we can jump through all of the hoops and spend all of the dollars required.  We really want the process to mean something to our products and our consumers.

Until we attain the certifications that mean something to this industry, know that our ingredient research, our processes, and our commitment to providing the safest, most effective products possible remains our number one goal.


Skin Care Benefits of Dry Brush Detoxing 0 Comments

At first mention, dry brush detoxing may seem like a skin care fad, like coconut oil pulling or those tiny fish pedicures. However, dry brushing is a centuries old technique said to have been pioneered by the Russians and Scandinavians for its ability to detox, exfoliate, and stimulate skin. Today, it is becoming an essential part of detox programs.

Shannon Sliger, owner of Atlanta-based Dtox Juice and someone who knows a thing or two about detoxing, is a big champion of dry brushing, especially when used in tandem with a clean diet and non-toxic skin care regime.

Because we believe in the good that comes from this detoxing practice, we invited Shannon to discuss the hows and whys of dry brushing. 

Being the founder of Dtox Juice, an Ayurvedic wellness consultant, and a yoga teacher, I know a thing or two about detoxing.  Did you know that one third of your body's toxins are excreted through the skin?  This means you must keep those pathways, or pores, clear. Our body’s ability to detox daily is essential to vibrant, radiant health. Dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that have become trapped in the skin.  This keeps skin exfoliated and silky smooth all year long. More importantly, dry brushing stimulates the body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems. Massaging the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess water and toxins. When your lymphatic system is not working properly, waste and toxins can build up and cause sickness.  Lymphatic congestion is a major factor leading to inflammation and disease. By stimulating your lymphatic system and helping it release toxins, dry skin brushing is a powerful detoxification aid.  Dry brushing also increases circulation to your skin, which encourages the elimination of metabolic waste.

One of the immediate effects of dry brushing is smoother skin, but it can also help improve digestion, kidney function, and more.


Choose the right brush. Use a natural bristle brush - the firmer the better for massaging skin and stimulating lymph nodes.

Work from the outside in. Start from the bottom outermost parts of your body (think feet and hands) and work towards the heart.  

Use small circular movements.  With light to medium pressure, use the brush in circular movements on top of clean, dry skin. Spend extra time over your thighs, bum and other areas with cellulite.  Dry brushing helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is toxic materials that have accumulated in your body’s fat cells and are trapped, unable to be eliminated from the body. Compliment this cellulite-busting brushing by drinking water and raw, organic Dtox Juices. They, too, can help flush cellulite-causing wastes.

Dry brush regularly. It is recommended to dry brush often to keep skin - the body’s largest organ - looking, feeling, and functioning properly. Some will do it every day and others a couple times a week.


While we typically think of detoxing as a juice cleanse, there is more to consider when ridding the body of unwanted toxins. The skin care products you use - on your face and body - and practices like dry brushing compliment detox diets so that your entire body system can harmoniously work together to keep the body functioning at its very best.

Curious to start your own dry brushing routine? You can purchase a dry brush, here.

Skin Care Benefits of Vitamin C 1 Comment

L-ascorbic acid in Vitamin C should be a part of your skincare regime

Vitamin C has made a name for itself as a powerful and important antioxidant, essential for optimum skin health. L-ascorbic acid is one of the most common forms of Vitamin C, which we use in our Antioxidant Skin Boost, and is among the most effective.





[ DON'T. DO. TRY. ] Wrinkles 0 Comments

Discover our Peptide Booster Serum and how it can benefit your overall skin health, while minimizing the signs of aging.

CONTEST! Enter For Your Chance To Win! 59 Comments

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Congrats to Laura C and Kimberly, both who guessed 500....just 6 caps off of the 506 total. We awarded each a $35 gift card!

While we were sad to see summer go, we're excited for cooler temps and the gift giving holidays that are upon us. To celebrate this new season we're hosting a contest!

Our Lip Yummies are made without mineral oil, which means they keep lips moisturized and healthy without the constant need to reapply product. Because they are a winter-must-have and one of your favorite gifts to stuff in stockings we made a HUGE batch of our Peppermint Lip Yummies. But just how big of a batch did we make? That's what we want you to tell us!

Between now and Friday, September 11, submit your guess as to how many Lip Yummie caps are in this jar in the comment section below! The person with the closest guess will receive a $35 Sally B's Skin Yummies gift card!

One winner will be chosen and announced here on our blog and notified by a personal email on Saturday, September 12. In the event of a tie, we will choose one winner at random from all the correct answers. Good luck!

5 Things that EVERYONE Should Do For Their Skin 0 Comments

 5 Things that EVERYONE Should Do For Their Skin We understand that everyone has a different skin type and not all products are created equal; some people might need more moisture and other might need to exfoliate more often. But there are some skin care practices that benefit all skin types, and that we believe should be integrated into your daily routine.


5 Reasons To Love Black Cumin Seed Oil 3 Comments

5 Skin Care Benefits of Organic Black Cumin SeedSkin can become dry for various reasons, and when this happens, it's time to start thinking about how you will tweak your skin care routine to accommodate the drier air. One simple solution is adding a serum to your mix of products. Typically a serum is lightweight and fast absorbing and adds a big punch of moisture to the skin. At Sally B's, however, our products always work double duty, and our Antioxidant Serums are no exception. They add moisture and a whole lot more thanks to the hero ingredient, Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil (aka Black Seed Oil).









SKIN TIP: Wash Your Face Twice A Day 0 Comments

Washing your face is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Using the right cleanser will wash away dirt and bacteria that can make skin oily, clog pores, and, in some cases, contribute to acne. Because our face is is exposed to the elements during the day, we recommend washing it at the end of the day, before you go to bed. And then, when you wake up, we recommend washing it again. While you sleep your face is in contact with grime that may be on your pillow or sheets and often times you sweat while you snooze.

Our only exception to this rule is to also wash your after bouts of excess sweating, like after a workout.

Want to know more about the importance of washing your face and choosing the right cleanser? Click here to read more tips and advice from Sally B's Skin Yummies:



FAQs: More About Sally B's Products 0 Comments

We love receiving your emails and calls. All of the feedback and questions have helped to build Sally B's to the company it is today. Plus, we learn so much from you! You have given us alternative uses for some of our products and have enlightened us on some of their benefits. 

You have also clued us in to what you want to know! Our customer service team tells us that more often than not they receive the following questions about our products. We explain how our products are made, how long they last, and what products you should use:

What is the shelf life of Sally B’s products?

In general, all of Sally B’s Skin Yummies products have a shelf life of 6-9 months. The exception is our Fruit Acid Toner, which, if not refrigerated, should be used within 3 months of purchase. Since we make our products often and in small batches, you can be assured that the products you purchase are less than a couple of weeks old when you receive them. If you do not use your products immediately or regularly, especially if you live in a warm climate, stash them in the refrigerator and you can click pause on the shelf life countdown timer for up to 3 months. This mean that next time we have a sale, go ahead and stock up!  

Who makes my products?

We do! We have a kitchen/lab/showroom combo in Atlanta, Georgia. Each product is hand made in small batches by our staff. Visitors to our Atlanta shop (800 Miami Circle, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30324) are welcome to stop by to view our manufacturing operation. We typically have something cookin’ everyday, so you can see our process in progress during most visits.

Where do your ingredients come from?

Our organic ingredients are sourced from all over the world. We can say with pride, however, that all of Sally B’s products are manufactured in the US. Many of our ingredients like Tamanu Oil, Kokum Butter, and Argan Oil come from plants not native to the US, so we have to order them from Polynesia, India, and Morocco respectively. We are fortunate that modern technology supports international trade and gives us convenient access to such beneficial ingredients.  

Want to learn more about our hard-working, good-for-you ingredients? Check out our Ingredients Page.

How do I know what products I should use?

We try to be as transparent as possible with our products. Read our descriptions, ingredient listings, and customer reviews to discover what products are most beneficial to your skin. You can also email us at We answer every email that we receive.

If this is your first Sally B’s experience – or even using organic products – we suggest starting with two of our versatile products that work with most skin types. Our Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser is effective, yet gentle, and is beneficial for dry, oily, sensitive, irritated, acne prone, and normal skin. The same goes for our Peptide Booster Serum. These two products are part of our Sally B’s Picks collection, which is a great and cost effective way to try several of our most popular products.

If you’re curious about products for your specific skin type, check out this blog where we break down what products are most beneficial ingredients for your skin.


5 Ways To Shed Summer Skin 0 Comments

The summer is winding down, which means it’s almost time to swap suitcases with backpacks and swimsuits with scarves. But before you start planning your study schedule or new wardrobe, consider transitioning your skin. Over the summer, skin is exposed to many elements that can leave it dehydrated and damaged.

Rejuvenate stressed, summer skin by tweaking your skin care routine to incorporate these skin-enriching practices:

1. Refine pores. Sweating naturally opens pores to help expel toxins, so after months of hot, hot heat, your pores may need some extra TLC. Our Fruit Acid Toner, B Green Mud Mask, or a trip to an esthetician are all recommended ways to deep clean, refine, and tighten pores.

2. Get rid of rough skin. Exposed skin, especially feet that spent months in flip-flops, can easily accumulate rough patches during the summer. Our Moisturizing Body Buff is great for all over exfoliation (with the exception of the face). Not only will it help reduce rough patches, but it will also slough off dead skin cells that you may not know were hanging around.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more. Time spent in the sun, in chlorinated pools, or even in salt water can seriously dry out skin. Our Luxe Body Butter offers moisture for the body, while our Healing Hand Butter is great for hands and feet that need some extra attention. Slather some on before you go to bed and cover up with gloves and/or socks and let the moisture-rich ingredients do their thing while you sleep. For your face, consider adding an additional moisturizer to your routine, like our B Quenched.

4. Load up on antioxidants. The sun’s UV rays can seriously disrupt our cells by creating free radicals. Antioxidants repair these damaged cells, so ensure that you are consuming an antioxidant-rich diet and using products that have antioxidant ingredients. One of our favorite products is our Antioxidant Skin Boost, which allows you to add a boost of antioxidants, like Vitamin C, to your existing products.

5. Pay attention to your Vitamin D intake. Vitamin D, a nutrient our bodies cannot make on its own, plays a big role in bone health, as well as works to prevent some disease like cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. During the summer we get an enriching dose of vitamin D from the sun, but when fall arrives we begin covering up exposed skin and spending more time indoors. To make up for this loss add Vitamin D-rich foods, like fish, dairy, cheese, and eggs to your regular diet.

Because “summer skin” is an accumulation of months spent outdoors, none of these practices are overnight fixes. They are also cumulative. Make them part of your daily routine and, over a few week’s time, you will notice a healthier version of your skin.

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If you hang out around us long enough you will hear us call every ingredient our favorite. It’s not really our fault that this happens. Each ingredient that we use has a specific, beneficial purpose, and when you factor in that it came from the Earth, you can’t help but be a bit awe-struck. For example, collagen-boosting Pea Peptides that we use in our Peptide Booster Serum is derived from peas. Not only do peptides boost collagen production, but they firm and moisturize the skin and can stimulate hair growth. See? A very cool ingredient!

Since we're hard pressed to pick just one favorite ingredient, we have compiled our 10 favorite ORGANIC ingredients that promote healthy, happy, and beautiful skin. Why organic? Because, by definition these ingredients are plant-based, non-GMO and don't carry any hidden chemicals. Organic ingredients are not treated with pesticides or herbicides so there are no residual chemicals making their way into our products.

Argan Oil. Goats love argan oil and so do we! Once known as “Moroccan green gold,” argan oil is said to be the rarest oil in the world. The nut to oil process takes about a week, but for our skin that is worth the wait, hassle, and expense. It is rich in Vitamins E and A and helps to boosts cell production to aid in healing, hydrates, removes inflammation, and strengthens nails. Experience it in our Tinted Moisturizer, our new Luxe Body Butter, B Quenched, or Carrot Facial Dream Cream. Learn more about argan oil.

Avocado Oil. Some like their avocados served in guacamole, but we like it served in our skin care. Full of essential omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, D, and E, and carotenoids, avocado oil is a versatile and hardworking ingredient. It has antioxidant properties to repair damaged cells, is moisturizing; and can reduce itching, and soothe inflammation. Experience it in our Intensive Eye Repair, Natural Buff Cuticle Bar, our Tinted Moisturizer, and our Carrot Facial Dream Cream. Learn more about avocado oil.

Black Cumin Seed Oil. It is rumored that beauty Cleopatra did not go a day without applying Black Cumin Seed Oil to her skin. If you need more reason to love this ingredient, it is packed full of essential amino acids and is a wonderful source of Vitamins B1, 2, and 3. It has healing properties, helps skin retain moisture, and has anti-fungal properties. Experience it in both of our Antioxidant Serums, B Quenched, and Intensive Eye Repair. Learn more about black cumin seed oil.

Camellia Seed Oil. Hailing from the the same plant that gives us green tea, Camellia Seed Oil is rich in phenols, Vitamin E, and a handful of fatty acids. Besides having antioxidant properties, this ingredient can block UV rays, restore the skin’s pH balance, and fight the signs of aging. Experience it in our Tinted Moisturizer, B Quenched, Intensive Eye Repair, or Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser. Learn more about camellia seed oil.

Coconut Oil. Versatile coconut oil needs very little introduction. While it delivers big benefits to diet and hair, it also plays a big role at Sally B’s! It is one of our favorite non-toxic alternatives to mineral oil. Plus, it balances skin, is extremely moisturizing, fights the signs of aging, and is very lightweight. Experience it in our Lip Yummies, Lip Skinnies, B Soothed, and some of our make up products. Learn more about coconut oil.

Evening Primrose Oil. Don’t let its regal name fool you. This ingredient is extremely hard working. It absorbs deep into skin to hydrate and leaves skin feeling soft and elastic. And while many of our organic ingredients come from exotic climates, Evening Primrose Oil comes from the seeds of a wildflower that grows wild right here in the United States. Experience it in our B Soothed.

skin care benefits of organic green tea - Sally B's Skin Yummies

Green Tea. Feed your skin! Like the benefits it has for your body, Green Tea offers similar benefits for your skin. It repairs and rejuvenates skin cells, while reducing inflammation and redness. It has powerful antioxidant properties so free radicals from sun damage don’t stand a chance against this powerful plant. Experience it in our B Green Mud Mask, Healing Hand Butter, or Carrot Facial Dream Cream. Learn more about green tea.

Sea Buckthorn Oil. This skin-balancing ingredient is nourishing, revitalizing, and restorative. Contrary to its name, the oil is derived from a shrub that is common in Europe and Asia. It is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamins A and C to help reduce inflammation, dryness, and the signs of aging. Experience it in our Nighttime Antioxidant Serum. Learn more about sea buckthorn oil.

Tamanu Oil. A century-old ingredient, which found its roots in Southeast Asia, this oil has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties. The oil is derived from the nuts of the Tamanu Tree.  It absorbs quickly into skin, leaving skin soft without any residual oiliness. Experience this ingredient in our Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser, Luxe Body Butter and our Tamanu Neem Healing Bar. Learn more about tamanu oil.

Witch Hazel. While it might be an ingredient you associate with your grandma, witch hazel is an ingredient that should never go out of style.  Derived from the leaves and bark of a shrub that grows throughout North America, it locks in moisture and helps skin maintain its elasticity. At the same time it tightens pores, soothes irritated skin, and penetrates deep within skin to prevent bacteria from forming. It also absorbs oil and reduces pore size! Experience it in our Antioxidant Serums and Fruit Acid Toner. Learn more about witch hazel.

To all those naysayers who say have told you to never use oil on your face, we just gave you 8 reasons why you should!

You might be wondering why the Pea Peptides that we originally mentioned did not make the list. It, along with other very cool ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E (tocopherols), are not available in an organic form. Even though they have amazing skin-benefiting properties, they simply didn’t fit the list. However, if there is ever a day that these ingredients are offered as organic, we’ll be the first in line to scoop them up!




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Learn more about our Healing Hand Butter, or purchase it as part of our Healing Hands Collection.

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Regularly using lotion on our hands is a good habit to have to keep skin moisturized. However, from time-to-time our hands deserve a more thoughtful treatment. You may think this means going to a manicurist to get your nails done, but we recommend against going to a salon that uses chemical ingredients that can dry skin and be harmful to your health. Instead, we propose a DIY spa day complete with organic products to leave hands soft, smooth, and healthy.

The treatment, a personal favorite of Sally B's, is a seven step process that not only moisturizes, but also reduces dark spots and softens cuticles. To start, round up the tools: Moisturizing Body Buff lemon, honey, a cuticle pusher, Natural Buff Cuticle Bar, Healing Hand Butter, warm water, and towels.  Then find a relaxing spot and get to work!

Step 1: Exfoliate Your Hands

On dry skin, use a coin sized amount of our Moisturizing Body Buff to scrub and massage hands. Then, rinse off with warm water and dry hands. This will slough off any dead skin cells so that skin will fully benefit from the ingredients in the next steps.

Step 2: Cover Hands with Lemon Juice

Simply squeeze lemon juice onto hands and massage into skin. Lemon juice has naturally bleaching properties, so it will help fade any dark spots that might be noticeable. It has a cumulative effect, so let it linger on your hands for the next few steps.

Step 3: Moisturize Cuticles with Raw Honey

Cuticles can be extremely dry and can easily crack, so moisturizing them is an essential step. Honey is a humectant, which means it draws moisture into the skin.  Honey is also a gentle exfoliator, making it the perfect ingredient for the job. Dip fingers into honey and let sit on top of cuticles for about 10-20 minutes. 

Step 4: Rinse Hands and Push Back Cuticles

The honey will make cuticles pliable, so after rinsing hands, use a cuticle tool to push them back or remove the excess cuticle.

Step 5: Exfoliate Skin Again

Use our Moisturizing Body Buff just as you did in Step 1. This will add a boost of moisture and get rid of any final dead skin.

Step 6: Moisturize Cuticles with Natural Buff Cuticle Bar

Give cuticles some lasting moisture and strengthen nails by massaging our Natural Buff Cuticle Bar into and around nail beds.

Step 7: Moisturize with Healing Hand Butter

The last step is to massage hands with Healing Hand Butter. Full of moisturizing ingredients, Healing Hand Butter will leave hands incredibly soft and smooth. If you're treating hands at night, add an extra layer of Hand Butter and then cover with cotton lotion gloves. This will trap the moisture and allow it to gradually absorb into skin allowing your hands to soak up all the beneficial nutrients the Healing Hand Butter has to offer.

During bouts of extremely dry weather, we recommend doing this treatment as often as once a week. However, regularly doing it once a month will create a foundation of healthy, smooth, and beautiful hands no matter what the season.