5 Skin Care Benefits of Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil (and why you will love it, too)

5 Skin Care Benefits of Organic Black Cumin SeedSkin can become dry for various reasons, and when this happens, it's time to start thinking about how you will tweak your skin care routine. One simple solution is adding a serum to your mix of products. Typically a serum is lightweight and fast absorbing and adds a big punch of moisture to the skin. They add moisture and a whole lot more thanks to the hero ingredient, Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil (aka Black Seed Oil). A powerhouse ingredient, Black Cumin Seed Oil has built quite a reputation for itself.


The Advice I Would Give to a Younger Me

Sally BToday is my birthday; It’s no milestone birthday, but each one is important to me as I get older. Someone asked me the other day what my older self would tell my younger self should I have the chance. Easy! Oh, the advice I would give to a younger me…Don’t use up your knees. Give up sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stay out of the sun. Fat is not the enemy. I would tell my younger self that life happens as it should. I would also tell her to love your friends and family. We never know where life will take us but be ready for it. And know you will be OK.


How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxurious Spa

Turn your bathroom in a spaThere is a saying that you have to love yourself first before you can love others. We know its a cliché, but it's true:  If you carve the time into your busy schedule to practice good self-care, you will love yourself more and consequently love others more too. If you want to cultivate more self-care or if you are just stressed and don't have the time to go to a spa, why not create a spa at home? Light up some candles, pour a glass of wine, and this can easily become romantic spa time.


Making Skincare Safer with the Beauty Made Better Campaign

EWG VerifiedAs one of the first skin care companies to have its products earn the Nationally renowned EWG VERIFIED™ status, Sally B's Skin Yummies is proud to join Kourtney Kardashian and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to take a stand for cosmetics reform through their #BeautyMadeBetter Campaign. Sally B's Skin Yummies is committed to upholding the requirements of the stringent EWG VERIFIED™ program. Watch this video to find out more and join us in telling Congress we need a makeover with cosmetics legislation.


Do You Know Why Hyaluronic Acid is Considered a Miracle Anti-Aging Ingredient?

Do you know why HYALURONIC ACID (HA) is considered a miracle anti-aging compound?Do you know why HYALURONIC ACID (HA) is considered a miracle anti-aging compound? HA is an extremely effective humectant whose job it is to attract water to skin cells. The unique makeup of this ingredient allows it to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, adjusting its moisture rate based on the given humidity. This keeps skin balanced and ensures that your skin is not holding an excess of moisture. When applied topically, Hyaluronic acid creates a layer over the skin that allows it to breathe, absorb, and retain moisture.


Can My Skin Benefit From Vitamin C?

Can my skin benefit from Vitamin C?One of our wonderful customers sent us a message the other day saying that she had acne when she was a teenager and that she is still recovering from it in her adult life. Therefore, she wanted to know what we recommend for brown spots (also known as pigmentation), acne scars and uneven skin. This question made us realize that this is a good time to talk about vitamin C and why our Antioxidant Skin Boost (which is loaded with vitamin C) comes in a powder format and not in a serum as you will find from many companies.


How to Choose a Non-Toxic Lipstick

How to choose a non-toxic lipstickWhy are we advocates of nontoxic lipstick at Sally B's Skin Yummies? One reason is that our lips have skin that is much thinner than other types of skin on the body and lacks the hair and sweat glands to protect them leaving lips vulnerable to toxicity and damage from the elements. Another reason is that many maintain that we actually ingest what we wear on our lips. To be on the safe side, we like to think that what we put on our lips is safe enough to eat!


Golden Rules to Win the Skincare Super Bowl

Super bowl golden rules of skincareWith the Super Bowl just around the corner, it turns out there are lessons to be learned from professional sports that apply to our skincare routines ~ whether you are a sports fan or not! Check out our play-by-play guide to help tackle unhealthy habits by comparing football to some of our Golden Rules in Skincare and create a strategy to make a touchdown with healthy, glowing skin! Few players are so talented that they could skip practice and then play a winning game. To be successful, players practice every day to stay fit and perfect their game.


Hand Detox: How to maintain clean and hydrated hands this winter

Winter hand care tips
Our hands can get extra dry in the wintertime, especially as we work our way down our to-do lists! Not to mention that we are in the middle of flu season and cleaning our hands with harsh soap or sanitizers multiple times during the day can accentuate dryness and the appearance of wrinkles. Try to dry hands with clean towels or air dry. According to the CDC, there is no difference between using cold or hot water, and scrubbing for at least 20 seconds is ideal.


Sunday Soul with Sally

Business at Sally B's Skin YummiesMany people working in this industry are gorgeous and photogenic. They are styled. To me, many look manicured and flawless in front of the camera. That is just not me. I don't go to extremes to look good. I dress more for comfort than for anything else, and I don't think that my “smile lines," also known as wrinkles, are necessarily a bad thing. I am not fishing for an argument when these discussions come up. Many times I end up regretting that I replied in that way because sure enough, the comeback is something about my looks like, “Oh but you’re beautiful!”


Make Clean Beauty Part of Your New Year's Resolution

B Your Own Expert

If your goal is to get healthy in 2019, we applaud and support you every step of the way. We also encourage you to add a non-toxic skincare routine to your resolution list!

With that said, it's important to know that when adding new products, you should do it gradually, even with non-toxic products.


How To Combat Excessive Dryness In The Winter Time

Combatting winter drynessWhen you hear Christmas carols in the northern hemisphere, most likely it is getting cold outside. During the cold months, the air gets drier and starts sucking moisture from your skin. This is the time of the year that you are more likely to experience dryness and flakiness.


Why You Should Use (The Right) Toner

Using the right tonerIt can be argued that toner is one of the most underrated skin care products on the market. Toner plays an important role in skin health but is clouded with misconception. Using a toner is thought to be too drying and only necessary for those suffering from acne. And while in some instances that can be the case, the right toner can hydrate, exfoliate, and prime the skin.


Can Toxins Contribute to Weight Gain?

Weight gain and skincareWe understand that weight, and the disciplines of losing it and maintaining it can be a struggle. As part of our healthy journey - which weight is a huge part of - we are bombarded with diets, groups, coaches, and exercise routines (not to mention the gimmicks and gadgets). There are so many options available to help us shed the pounds and/or maintain our weight, but sometimes, no matter how vigilant we are, nothing seems to work. 


9 Non-Toxic Quick Fixes For Common Skin Crises + How To Avoid Them In The First Place

Are you suffering from cracked, inflamed skin? Have an acne flair up? Did your rosacea “bloom” this morning? Whatever the issue, a skin crisis can have the potential to be debilitating. Our tendency is to quickly cover up the problem, and while that can work, there are some natural skincare options that can be both a quick fix and a long term remedy.


Your Daytime vs. Nighttime Skincare Routine

Daytime vs. nighttime skincare routineWhen compiling your personal skin care routine, it’s important to recognize how your skin performs during the day versus at night. The factors that influence the skin vastly differ between the different times of day, and your skin care products should reflect that.


Have a Snow Day Spa Day

Stay at home snow spa day
When the snow has covered your driveway and you're snowed in, take advantage of the time to disconnect in favor of some self-care. Pamper yourself with a spa day. Here are some tips on how to relax and enrich your skin from the comfort of your own home.


'Tis The Season To Give

Holiday charitable givingWhile charitable giving is important all year round, there's nothing like the holidays to re-inspire our giving initiatives.

We all have different organizations that carry personal meaning, but for those of you who are still searching for an organization to support, we offer you a tour through our favorites.


Holiday Skincare: Sugar's Affect on Skin

 Holiday Skincare: Sugar's Affect on Skin The holidays are all about sweet indulgences. From the cookie exchanges to the dessert spread at yet another holiday party, sugar can quickly become its own food group. While delicious, this is not a good thing. Too much of the sweet stuff can have serious consequences on the appearance of your skin. When we consume sugar, our body processes it by converting it to glucose, which acts as fuel. And when it hits our bloodstream - boom - instant sugar rush.


Give The Gift of a Bath

Bath time is a wonderful giftSelf-care is often a trending-topic, and for good reason. Self-care can help us to decompress from everyday stress, and improve upon our physical and mental well-being. However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is sometimes hard to stop and take time for ourselves.

Stress affects the mind and body, but it also affects your skin. It can cause acne or eczema flair ups, can create puffiness under eyes, or make skin unusually dry.


Guess The Number Of Scoops To Win!


A big order of Antioxidant Skin Boost scoops arrived and we decided to have a bit of fun!


Back To School Skincare Tips For Students

Back to school skincare The transition from summer to school can be stressful for students, especially those going to college for the first time. A new environment, schedule, and diet can disrupt your skin health, leaving skin to become blotchy, dry, or even break out. However, with thoughtful product selection, one thing can remain constant during this major life change: your skin health.


Back To School Product Tips For Teachers

Back to school skincare routine for teachers
Back-to-school can be a stressful time for teachers. After a summer off, teachers must re-acclimate themselves to spending their days inside, on their feet, and navigating the new personalities of their students. During this transition, skin can react negatively.


The Importance of the EWG VERIFIED program

EWG Verified skincare products At Sally B's Skin Yummies, we are proud to offer an array of EWG Verified products in our skincare line! However, becoming EWG VERIFIED is not for the weary, as the process has stringent guidelines and a meticulous application process. But the rewards are great, as the seal is tangible evidence that our products meet and, in some cases exceed, some very strict standards of safety. EWG VERIFIED holds products to the strictest standards for your health. The ultimate goal of EWG Verified is for all products on the market to be free from harmful chemicals.